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Thursday, October 26, 2006


The earliest blooms in the spring are crocuses. They are a promise that spring is on its way. The bulbs can be planted in your garden or your lawn for naturalizing. I enjoy a mixture of lavender, yellow and white crocuses blooming before any plant life is seen. These plants multiply annually for increased beauty year after year.

Hyacinths are clusters of blooms that make a large flower with a deliciously fragrant aroma. Hyacinth blooms usually stay fresh for quite a while. We usually connect hyacinths with purple and white blooms, but catalogs now advertise red, maroon, blue, pink, lavender and various colors. These blooms are so large it only takes a few to fill any corner of your garden with beauty and a heavenly fragrance.


A great way to buy bulbs is in an assortment of outstanding varieties. Bulbs need at least four to six hours of direct sunlight per day during their active growth period in the spring. Remember it will be sunny under deciduous trees into The spring before leaves have developed. Spring-flowering bulbs can be planted anytime in the fall. Bulbs need a cold dormant period before starting their growth and blooming cycle. Water bulbs thoroughly at planting time and as you would all of your garden plants during their growing season. Bulbs will bloom the first year after planting. They should be left in the ground all year where winters are cold. In warm areas many spring-flowering bulbs will need an annual out-of-the-ground cooling. When planting bulbs, applying a bulb plant food will encourage bulbs to grow larger and bloom longer and brighter.


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